Retrieve Countries API

This API endpoint offers a list of countries along with essential details such as country code, market, currency title, currency code, and currency symbol. The information provided by this endpoint will be useful as an input parameter for the Flight Prices API.

Example API Request:

HTTP GET Request Parameters:

Object Description
access_key [Required] Your API access key, which can be found in your account dashboard.

Example API Response:

            "country": "Andorra",
            "countryCode": "AD",
            "market": "es-ES",
            "currencyTitle": "Euro",
            "currency": "EUR",
            "currencySymbol": "€"
            "country": "United Arab Emirates",
            "countryCode": "AE",
            "market": "en-US",
            "currencyTitle": "United Arab Emirates Dirham",
            "currency": "AED",
            "currencySymbol": "AED",
            "country": "Afghanistan",
            "countryCode": "AF",
            "market": "en-GB",
            "currencyTitle": "Afghan Afghani",
            "currency": "AFN",
            "currencySymbol": "AFN"